As a wife and mother of three, I also had a vision of being a successful business woman. 

As my youngest son described me in a paper he wrote, “She loves her family and friends, is a risk taker, never gives up, and wants to be successful…”, that does describe the person I am.

I love a challenge and when SueSue Sweets came into my vision, I knew it was a great fit!  As you indulge in my sweet and salty sensation, you will taste the passion I have to please.  I love hearing the positive feedback after you taste my products and I welcome your suggestions.

All of my batches are handcrafted and baked slowly using only the finest ingredients in my glorious glaze.  I know you will find these snacks irresistible as I am excited to share them with you!  Thank you for taking time to read about us.  I would love to hear from you, so your comments and questions are welcomed!  Please email or call us and remember to have a “sweet” day!

Sue Sue